genealogy of the Hurst/Pittman and Allied families
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Albemarle, Virginia, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Lucy  1781Albemarle, Virginia, USA I165505
2 Anderson, David Wiley  20 Aug 1864Albemarle, Virginia, USA I167360
3 Anderson, Hugh R  10 Nov 1852Albemarle, Virginia, USA I167366
4 Anderson, John J  7 Oct 1849Albemarle, Virginia, USA I167367
5 Anderson, Mary L Mollie  27 Feb 1859Albemarle, Virginia, USA I167362
6 Anderson, Nannie C  23 Mar 1861Albemarle, Virginia, USA I167361
7 Anderson, Nora F  7 Feb 1857Albemarle, Virginia, USA I167363
8 Anderson, Philip Leland  11 Mar 1855Albemarle, Virginia, USA I167364
9 Baber, Algie Louise  22 Jun 1909Albemarle, Virginia, USA I179061
10 Baber, Bernard  1917Albemarle, Virginia, USA I179054
11 Baber, Caleb  1776Albemarle, Virginia, USA I178751
12 Baber, Calvin Alton  31 Aug 1926Albemarle, Virginia, USA I179049
13 Baber, Carl Wills  4 Nov 1923Albemarle, Virginia, USA I179050
14 Baber, Elsie Martha  22 Feb 1911Albemarle, Virginia, USA I179060
15 Baber, George  22 Feb 1911Albemarle, Virginia, USA I179059
16 Baber, George Willis  1 Mar 1880Albemarle, Virginia, USA I178997
17 Baber, James Filmer  23 Jan 1914Albemarle, Virginia, USA I179056
18 Baber, James H  24 Sep 1824Albemarle, Virginia, USA I178820
19 Baber, Josie E  26 Jun 1912Albemarle, Virginia, USA I179058
20 Baber, Juanita Marie  23 May 1921Albemarle, Virginia, USA I179052
21 Baber, Judith Jane  Mar 1859Albemarle, Virginia, USA I179004
22 Baber, Mollie B  1862Albemarle, Virginia, USA I179001
23 Baber, Nancy W  Jun 1857Albemarle, Virginia, USA I179005
24 Baber, Northie Wills  24 Jul 1906Albemarle, Virginia, USA I179063
25 Baber, Ralph Edison  21 Aug 1919Albemarle, Virginia, USA I179053
26 Baber, Ralphelita Mae  14 Mar 1908Albemarle, Virginia, USA I179062
27 Baber, Robert L  1868Albemarle, Virginia, USA I178999
28 Baber, Robert Lindsay  10 Jul 1826Albemarle, Virginia, USA I178819
29 Baber, Thomas Howard  8 Feb 1823Albemarle, Virginia, USA I178821
30 Baber, William  1758Albemarle, Virginia, USA I169715
31 Baber, Woodrow Hedges  19 Apr 1916Albemarle, Virginia, USA I179055
32 Baber, Zacharias  1854Albemarle, Virginia, USA I179006
33 Bailey, James E I  24 Sep 1808Albemarle, Virginia, USA I178930
34 Bailey, John  22 Jan 1810Albemarle, Virginia, USA I141140
35 Bailey, Rebecca  1726Albemarle, Virginia, USA I164656
36 Bailey, William Kiev  16 Apr 1810Albemarle, Virginia, USA I141219
37 Butterworth, Temperance  1710Albemarle, Virginia, USA I54932
38 Eubank, Mary Lee  9 Aug 1886Albemarle, Virginia, USA I179064
39 Gray, Mary  1690Albemarle, Virginia, USA I77067
40 Lewis, Mary  1731Albemarle, Virginia, USA I42303
41 Mangum, Arthur  22 May 1741Albemarle, Virginia, USA I42317
42 Mangum, John  1731Albemarle, Virginia, USA I42302
43 Mangum, Lucy  30 Nov 1758Albemarle, Virginia, USA I42311
44 Mangum, Mary  Abt 1769Albemarle, Virginia, USA I42307
45 Mangum, Sarah  6 Nov 1760Albemarle, Virginia, USA I42304
46 Mangum, William  16 May 1736Albemarle, Virginia, USA I42314
47 Mangum, William  2 Nov 1745Albemarle, Virginia, USA I42308
48 Mangum, William  Abt 1765Albemarle, Virginia, USA I42305
49 Moody, Jane  Abt 1779Albemarle, Virginia, USA I67910
50 Moon, James Lawson  27 Mar 1881Albemarle, Virginia, USA I141130

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allphin, Ransom  7 Jul 1833Albemarle, Virginia, USA I147102
2 Anderson, John B  17 Oct 1911Albemarle, Virginia, USA I167355
3 Baber, James Thomas  16 Mar 1827Albemarle, Virginia, USA I178762
4 Baber, Nancy W  3 Oct 1857Albemarle, Virginia, USA I179005
5 Baber, Thomas Howard  8 Jun 1858Albemarle, Virginia, USA I178821
6 Bailey, Robertson  1783Albemarle, Virginia, USA I164659
7 Burton, Isaiah  1757Albemarle, Virginia, USA I54761
8 Isham, Martha  Albemarle, Virginia, USA I164802
9 Jones, Herbert Claiborne Jr.  25 Aug 2004Albemarle, Virginia, USA I71294


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Anderson, John Bledsoe  Albemarle, Virginia, USA I167397
2 Anderson, Wiley Young  Albemarle, Virginia, USA I167396
3 Baber, James H  1850Albemarle, Virginia, USA I178820
4 Baber, Mary E  1850Albemarle, Virginia, USA I179023
5 Baber, Robert Lindsay  1850Albemarle, Virginia, USA I178819
6 Jones, Elizabeth Margaret  1850Albemarle, Virginia, USA I179025


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bailey / Hancock  1704Albemarle, Virginia, USA F114873
2 Mangum / Lewis  Abt 1744Albemarle, Virginia, USA F15482
3 Maxey / Sampson  1726Albemarle, Virginia, USA F26596
4 Stinespring / Albright  4 Apr 1928Albemarle, Virginia, USA F121974
5 Wade / Baber  15 Aug 1879Albemarle, Virginia, USA F123184