genealogy of the Hurst/Pittman and Allied families
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Buckingham, Virginia, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baber, George  1743Buckingham, Virginia, USA I169859
2 Baber, George  15 Sep 1787Buckingham, Virginia, USA I169792
3 Baber, Hiram Howell  10 Sep 1795Buckingham, Virginia, USA I178748
4 Baber, Isaac Lawson  1847Buckingham, Virginia, USA I179085
5 Baber, Jacob A  1826Buckingham, Virginia, USA I178815
6 Baber, James Reed  6 Mar 1832Buckingham, Virginia, USA I178829
7 Baber, John W  Aug 1874Buckingham, Virginia, USA I178904
8 Baber, Julius Caesar  Abt 1859Buckingham, Virginia, USA I179015
9 Baber, Sebrina  1825Buckingham, Virginia, USA I178757
10 Baber, Thomas Howard  9 Jan 1851Buckingham, Virginia, USA I179010
11 Baber, Thomas J  1864Buckingham, Virginia, USA I178899
12 Brooks, Martha Catherine  10 Nov 1809Buckingham, Virginia, USA I178832
13 Ford, Nancy Judith  1750Buckingham, Virginia, USA I99714
14 Garrett, Lucy  25 Feb 1804Buckingham, Virginia, USA I179148
15 Jones, Elizabeth Margaret  16 May 1832Buckingham, Virginia, USA I179025
16 Jones, Peter Randolph  21 Dec 1796Buckingham, Virginia, USA I179149
17 McGlasson, Elizabeth  1778Buckingham, Virginia, USA I99994
18 McGlasson, George  1772Buckingham, Virginia, USA I100056
19 McGlasson, Ira  1795Buckingham, Virginia, USA I100104
20 McGlasson, James  1754Buckingham, Virginia, USA I100120
21 McGlasson, James  1792Buckingham, Virginia, USA I100126
22 McGlasson, John  1767Buckingham, Virginia, USA I100148
23 Mcglasson, John C  1782Buckingham, Virginia, USA I100153
24 McGlasson, Judith  1786Buckingham, Virginia, USA I100179
25 McGlasson, Martha "Patsey"  1790Buckingham, Virginia, USA I100243
26 McGlasson, Mary  1760Buckingham, Virginia, USA I100250
27 McGlasson, Rebecca  1774Buckingham, Virginia, USA I100332
28 McGlasson, Rhoda  1788Buckingham, Virginia, USA I100335
29 McGlasson, William  1778Buckingham, Virginia, USA I100408
30 McGlasson, William III  22 Jan 1776Buckingham, Virginia, USA I100420
31 McGlasson, William Jr  1750Buckingham, Virginia, USA I100422


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baber, Annie Elizabeth  Dec 1980Buckingham, Virginia, USA I178909
2 Baber, Julius Caesar  Jan 1860Buckingham, Virginia, USA I179015
3 Baber, William  9 Sep 1793Buckingham, Virginia, USA I169814
4 Jones, Elizabeth Margaret  2 Feb 1916Buckingham, Virginia, USA I179025
5 Jones, Peter Randolph  22 Jun 1883Buckingham, Virginia, USA I179149
6 Maxey, John  1779Buckingham, Virginia, USA I67038
7 McGlasson, George  1796Buckingham, Virginia, USA I100056
8 McGlasson, William Jr  1776Buckingham, Virginia, USA I100422
9 McGlasson, William Sr  1776Buckingham, Virginia, USA I100428


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Baber, Amyntas Rosser  1880Buckingham, Virginia, USA I179020
2 Baber, Atticus Beadles  1880Buckingham, Virginia, USA I179009
3 Baber, Caleb  1810Buckingham, Virginia, USA I178751
4 Baber, Evelina Elizabeth  1910Buckingham, Virginia, USA I179022
5 Baber, Frank Walker  1880Buckingham, Virginia, USA I179008
6 Baber, George W  1880Buckingham, Virginia, USA I178902
7 Baber, Granville Russell  1880Buckingham, Virginia, USA I179018
8 Baber, Henry Lee  1880Buckingham, Virginia, USA I179017
9 Baber, Jacob A  1880Buckingham, Virginia, USA I178815
10 Baber, James Edward Ned  1880Buckingham, Virginia, USA I179016
11 Baber, James W  1880Buckingham, Virginia, USA I178900
12 Baber, Medora Lamkin  1880Buckingham, Virginia, USA I179014
13 Baber, Robert A  1880Buckingham, Virginia, USA I178813
14 Baber, Robert Jones  1880Buckingham, Virginia, USA I179012
15 Baber, Robert Lindsay  1880Buckingham, Virginia, USA I178819
16 Baber, Thomas J  1880Buckingham, Virginia, USA I178899
17 Baber, William Peter  1880Buckingham, Virginia, USA I179011
18 Jones, Elizabeth Margaret  1880Buckingham, Virginia, USA I179025


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 McGlasson / Hamilton  27 Aug 1785Buckingham, Virginia, USA F103974