genealogy of the Hurst/Pittman and Allied families
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Habersham, Georgia, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bruce, Abraham B.  1838Habersham, Georgia, USA I80494
2 Bruce, Edley Hamilton Hood  8 Mar 1821Habersham, Georgia, USA I80489
3 Bruce, Judith Ann  Mar 1835Habersham, Georgia, USA I80483
4 Bruce, Larkin  17 May 1837Habersham, Georgia, USA I80482
5 Bruce, Lewis  Apr 1833Habersham, Georgia, USA I80484
6 Bruce, Norman Yerby  1830Habersham, Georgia, USA I80486
7 Bruce, Precilla  2 Jan 1832Habersham, Georgia, USA I80485
8 Bruce, Robert B.  15 Sep 1829Habersham, Georgia, USA I80487
9 Bruce, Theresa  24 Sep 1824Habersham, Georgia, USA I80488
10 Mince, Alfred Marion  1840Habersham, Georgia, USA I39788
11 Mince, Elizabeth  1830Habersham, Georgia, USA I39786
12 Mince, John Harrison  1842Habersham, Georgia, USA I39789
13 Mince, Margaret L.  1827Habersham, Georgia, USA I39785
14 Trammell, Dillard Love  29 Feb 1824Habersham, Georgia, USA I154764


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allred, Matilda Katherine  7 Oct 1855Habersham, Georgia, USA I148980


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Foster, Sarah Adaline  07 Oct 1850Habersham, Georgia, USA I20261
2 Mince, Alfred Marion  02 Sep 1850Habersham, Georgia, USA I39788
3 Mince, Arlo W.  1830Habersham, Georgia, USA I20260
4 Mince, Arlo W.  07 Oct 1850Habersham, Georgia, USA I20260
5 Mince, Eliza M.  07 Oct 1850Habersham, Georgia, USA I20294
6 Mince, Elizabeth  1830Habersham, Georgia, USA I39786
7 Mince, Elizabeth  02 Sep 1850Habersham, Georgia, USA I39786
8 Mince, James  1830Habersham, Georgia, USA I20273
9 Mince, James  02 Sep 1850Habersham, Georgia, USA I20273
10 Mince, James D.  02 Sep 1850Habersham, Georgia, USA I39787
11 Mince, John Harrison  02 Sep 1850Habersham, Georgia, USA I39789
12 Mince, Margaret L.  1830Habersham, Georgia, USA I39785
13 Mince, Margaret L.  02 Sep 1850Habersham, Georgia, USA I39785
14 Mince, Nancy E.  1830Habersham, Georgia, USA I39791
15 Mince, Nancy M.  07 Oct 1850Habersham, Georgia, USA I20296
16 Mince, Taletha. J.  07 Oct 1850Habersham, Georgia, USA I20295
17 Mince, Thomas W.  07 Oct 1850Habersham, Georgia, USA I20293
18 Mince, William  1830Habersham, Georgia, USA I39790
19 Mince, William Robert  07 Oct 1850Habersham, Georgia, USA I20253
20 Paris, Ruth K.  1830Habersham, Georgia, USA I20274
21 Paris, Ruth K.  02 Sep 1850Habersham, Georgia, USA I20274


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bruce / Hood  3 Apr 1823Habersham, Georgia, USA F68937
2 Chastain / Dobbs  9 Oct 1825Habersham, Georgia, USA F330956
3 Mince / Foster  12 Mar 1840Habersham, Georgia, USA F8524