genealogy of the Hurst/Pittman and Allied families
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Illinois, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Margaret  1870Illinois, United States I99488
2 Edmonds, Aaron Burr  1873Illinois, United States I99634
3 Edmonds, Barnett S  Mar 1871Illinois, United States I99636
4 Edmonds, Mary Lucinda  1878Illinois, United States I99643
5 Edmonds, Robert McDonald  14 Aug 1868Illinois, United States I99644
6 Edmonds, Sarah B  8 Aug 1875Illinois, United States I99645
7 Furlow, Myrtle May  4 Apr 1884Illinois, United States I99716
8 Holler, Harold Sheridan  19 Nov 1898Illinois, United States I99802
9 Long, Mary  1879Illinois, United States I99875
10 McGlasson, Annetta  1879Illinois, United States I99913
11 McGlasson, Arabella  1871Illinois, United States I99919
12 McGlasson, Barney H  Jun 1862Illinois, United States I99927
13 McGlasson, Caleb Howard Franklin  12 Sep 1920Illinois, United States I99944
14 McGlasson, Elmore Eugene  25 Jan 1925Illinois, United States I100005
15 McGlasson, Evelyn  Jan 1897Illinois, United States I100029
16 McGlasson, Everett Noel  17 Nov 1905Illinois, United States I100031
17 McGlasson, Harley  17 Apr 1897Illinois, United States I100074
18 McGlasson, Harris Horace  Jan 1870Illinois, United States I100076
19 McGlasson, Helena  Nov 1899Illinois, United States I100085
20 Mcglasson, Ida  1864Illinois, United States I100096
21 Mcglasson, James Robert  23 Jan 1923Illinois, United States I100135
22 McGlasson, John C  May 1860Illinois, United States I100154
23 Mcglasson, John K  1872Illinois, United States I100157
24 McGlasson, Joseph B  1843Illinois, United States I100167
25 McGlasson, Leander  1848Illinois, United States I100193
26 McGlasson, Malcolm Theodore Sr.  10 Jun 1880Illinois, United States I100230
27 McGlasson, Malcolm Theodore Jr  19 Nov 1920Illinois, United States I100228
28 McGlasson, Maude Patricia  10 Aug 1875Illinois, United States I100275
29 Mcglasson, Minerva  1862Illinois, United States I100283
30 McGlasson, Nettie Hester  9 Feb 1919Illinois, United States I100296
31 McGlasson, Newton J  1839Illinois, United States I100299
32 McGlasson, Ollie  5 Jan 1866Illinois, United States I100306
33 McGlasson, Oscar B  May 1866Illinois, United States I100310
34 McGlasson, Ralph O  May 1867Illinois, United States I100328
35 McGlasson, Sylvia  Aug 1875Illinois, United States I100377
36 McGlasson, Thomas  4 Dec 1841Illinois, United States I100382
37 McGlasson, Velma  Aug 1895Illinois, United States I100395
38 McGlasson, Vida  Jun 1876Illinois, United States I100399
39 McGlasson, William Otis  1868Illinois, United States I100424
40 Mcglasson, William S  1842Illinois, United States I100426
41 Reeser, Levi Henry  8 Mar 1899Illinois, United States I157475
42 Rentfro, Charley  Jan 1894Illinois, United States I100541
43 Rentfro, Franklin H  Jun 1858Illinois, United States I100542
44 Rentfro, Hallie  May 1897Illinois, United States I100543
45 Rentfro, Harley E  Dec 1886Illinois, United States I100544
46 Rentfro, Lilly  Nov 1889Illinois, United States I100545
47 Scott, Elizabeth J  1843Illinois, United States I100635
48 Selby, Kate Catherine  1847Illinois, United States I100636
49 Silkwood, Emma Delphia  27 May 1881Illinois, United States I100638
50 Smith, James N  1833Illinois, United States I100645


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allgire, Laura Daree  Aft 1930Illinois, United States I99503
2 Bly, Delia  Bef 1910Illinois, United States I99535
3 Furlow, Myrtle May  22 Sep 1953Illinois, United States I99716
4 McGlasson, Elizabeth  1910Illinois, United States I99995
5 McGlasson, Elmore Eugene  3 Jul 1926Illinois, United States I100005
6 Mcglasson, James Robert  9 Feb 1924Illinois, United States I100135
7 McGlasson, Malcolm Theodore Sr.  Nov 1965Illinois, United States I100230
8 McGlasson, Nettie Hester  9 Apr 1919Illinois, United States I100296
9 McGlasson, Newton J  28 Jul 1890Illinois, United States I100299
10 Mcglasson, Scott  1921Illinois, United States I100360
11 McGlasson, Scott  1921Illinois, United States I100361
12 McGlasson, Thomas  8 Aug 1862Illinois, United States I100382
13 Scott, Elizabeth J  1910Illinois, United States I100635
14 Selby, Kate Catherine  1890Illinois, United States I100636


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Mcglasson / Silkwood  1897Illinois, United States F104125