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Logan, Cache, Utah, USA


City/Town : Latitude: 41.739053, Longitude: -111.834781


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Affleck, Cecil Manilla Carl  10 Apr 1898Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I155174
2 Albiston, Chet Lavar  23 Dec 1958Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I49434
3 Albiston, Shane Lance  5 Jan 1970Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I49431
4 Albiston, Steven Michael  24 Dec 1956Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I49432
5 Allen, Brigham Pope  7 Apr 1923Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I155495
6 Allen, Joseph Reuben  26 Aug 1911Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I155497
7 Allen, Larue  1 Jul 1926Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I155173
8 Allen, Margaret  2 Apr 1916Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I155496
9 Allen, Maureen Ethel Morene Norene  25 Nov 1899Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I155110
10 Allen, Reuben Franklin  18 Oct 1869Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I49051
11 Andrew, Sarah Ann  03 May 1904Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I81442
12 Bailey, Rula  30 Apr 1921Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I51462
13 Ballard, Melvin Russell  05 Feb 1897Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I81678
14 Berntsen, Clara Marie  22 Sep 1903Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I171386
15 Berntsen, Edmond Oscar  1 Nov 1917Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I171393
16 Blanchard, Bertha  2 Jul 1867Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I171226
17 Blanchard, Charlotte  23 Sep 1862Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I171228
18 Blanchard, Drucilla  13 Nov 1891Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I171370
19 Blanchard, Frederick L  18 Feb 1906Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I171273
20 Blanchard, George Moses  22 Apr 1912Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I171272
21 Blanchard, Idoina Reed  8 Feb 1877Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I171222
22 Blanchard, John Johnson  26 Nov 1864Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I171227
23 Blanchard, Lemon Lemmioa Clarke  24 Feb 1875Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I171223
24 Blanchard, Louis Fredric  28 Sep 1869Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I171225
25 Blanchard, Margaret  1 Sep 1889Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I171371
26 Blanchard, Moses  20 Feb 1872Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I171224
27 Blanchard, Ottis Leon  8 Apr 1900Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I171276
28 Blanchard, Raymond J  27 Mar 1902Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I171275
29 Blanchard, Robert Lee  16 Jun 1929Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I171384
30 Blanchard, Veleta  23 Oct 1888Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I171270
31 Brenchley, Dixie Ann  14 Aug 1934Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I7973
32 Brenchley, Myron Kent  30 Apr 1939Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I7974
33 Burris, Joseph Morgan  11 Oct 1895Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I160729
34 Cardon, Alice Lucile  13 Jul 1893Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I51083
35 Cardon, Ariel Frederick  26 Jul 1880Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I51081
36 Cardon, Bartlie Temple  8 May 1885Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I51079
37 Cardon, Elmer  17 Jul 1878Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I51084
38 Cardon, Eugene  14 May 1876Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I51080
39 Cardon, Lucy Edna  29 Jun 1874Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I51082
40 Cardon, Margaret S.  23 Jul 1882Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I51085
41 Cardon, Orson Guy  6 Apr 1887Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I51077
42 Cardon, Phillippe Vincent  25 Apr 1889Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I51078
43 Cardon, Thomas Le Roy  20 Sep 1872Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I51086
44 Carlisle, Martha  11 Jun 1908Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I144485
45 Carlson, Rada Kate  20 Jun 1905Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I149321
46 Christensen, Keith Burbank  4 Mar 1953Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I39657
47 Christensen, Rhoda Margretta  02 Apr 1890Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I40021
48 Clawson, Edwin  21 Dec 1888Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I155529
49 Cole, Edgar Maughan  10 Aug 1895Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I43515
50 Cole, Edna  17 Mar 1884Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I43512

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Linford, Leon Blood  16 Jul 1904Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I81500
2 Maughan, Alta  5 May 1887Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I43475
3 Maughan, Rulon Baxter  29 Nov 1904Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I43191
4 Smith, Adelaide  4 May 1871Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I50234


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adams, Flavilla Leavitt  10 Jun 1938Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I160782
2 Adams, Hugh A  2 Mar 1955Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I156696
3 Affleck, Cecil Manilla Carl  4 Jun 1956Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I155174
4 Albiston, Chet Lavar  28 Sep 1959Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I49434
5 Albiston, Shane Lance  10 Oct 1978Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I49431
6 Albiston, Steven Michael  16 Sep 1957Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I49432
7 Alder, Byron Frederick  7 Apr 1951Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I171783
8 Allan, Norman Grier  23 Apr 1936Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I43699
9 Allan, Norman Lamont Maughan  22 Jun 1975Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I43706
10 Allen, Adella Della Keziah  11 Jun 1971Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I155040
11 Allen, Cynthia Elizabeth  14 May 1965Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I155063
12 Allen, Donald James  9 Apr 1974Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I155037
13 Allen, Drue  9 Apr 2004Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I155153
14 Allen, Earle Wesley  5 Oct 1984Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I155032
15 Allen, Grace  11 Jan 1968Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I155485
16 Allen, Jennie May  21 May 1971Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I154982
17 Allen, Kenneth Grant  1 Apr 1980Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I155480
18 Allen, Lydia Christina  3 May 1979Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I148372
19 Allen, Margaret  19 May 1969Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I154965
20 Allen, Pearl Keziah  16 Jun 1974Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I155019
21 Allen, Reuben Franklin  6 Sep 1951Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I154987
22 Allen, Ruby  30 Oct 1975Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I155484
23 Allen, Winfred Affel  30 Sep 1967Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I155038
24 Aller, Nathan Dean  14 Apr 1982Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I49492
25 Allred, Alfred John  5 Nov 1967Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I161474
26 Allred, Darus Doris  8 Sep 1998Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I149216
27 Allred, George Riley  3 Oct 1923Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I143876
28 Allred, Lena Bell  10 May 1969Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I143931
29 Allred, Lois  25 Nov 1977Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I143969
30 Ames, Henry Johnson  2 Apr 1927Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I152896
31 Andersen, Loyal Irvin  11 Jul 1989Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I49493
32 Anderson, Betsey Mary Ann  8 Jan 1948Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I44210
33 Andrew, Sarah Ann  25 Mar 1972Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I81442
34 Atherton, Persis  31 Dec 1906Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I17750
35 Avery, Sarah Amy  25 Feb 1972Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I137632
36 Bagley, Grant Lyle  27 May 1949Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I163144
37 Bailey, Eliza  19 Jul 1877Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I171257
38 Bailey, Elizabeth Jones  29 Jan 1973Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I50832
39 Bailey, Ella Jones  14 Sep 1969Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I49437
40 Bailey, Margaret Smith  05 Jan 1989Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I81407
41 Bailey, Mary Ann  12 May 1912Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I50111
42 Bailey, Sarah Robbins  9 Oct 1902Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I50114
43 Barnes, Herbert Claude  5 Mar 1953Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I165944
44 Bates, George Sprague  11 Jul 1978Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I166229
45 Baxter, Lawrence Haslam  31 Jan 1939Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I81394
46 Baxter, Robert Lawrence  25 Jun 1949Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I81393
47 Baxter, Robert Leroy Barnes  15 Mar 1955Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I18124
48 Berntsen, Clara Marie  20 Sep 1989Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I171386
49 Berntsen, Ole Christian  15 May 1952Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I171388
50 Berry, Cynthia Lovinia  3 Dec 1918Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I44498

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Albiston, Chet Lavar  Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I49434
2 Albiston, Shane Lance  Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I49431
3 Albiston, Steven Michael  Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I49432
4 Brenchley, Sarah Ann  4 Nov 1896Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I50056
5 Cardon, Thomas Bartholemie  18 Feb 1898Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I50521
6 Cole, Edgar Maughan  Jan 1945Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I43515
7 Cole, Erastus Moroni  21 Jun 1918Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I43509
8 Collings, Catherine Ann  8 Sep 1881Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I43305
9 Farnes, Jane McKenzie  Sep 1892Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I43306
10 Fergus, Hyrum Maughan  17 Nov 1945Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I43521
11 Fergus, Martha Maughan  25 Jul 1963Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I43522
12 Fergus, William Hall  14 Feb 1936Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I43518
13 Gurney, Margaret  4 Dec 1880Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I49444
14 Hibbard, Hannah White  15 Jan 1929Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I43492
15 Howe, Ann Masters  19 Nov 1925Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I50231
16 Howell, Luther Maughan  23 Dec 1964Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I43576
17 Johnsen, Ragna Jemaima  29 Jan 1964Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I43540
18 Larsen, Anders  Nov 1864Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I46631
19 Larsen, Johannes  14 Aug 1919Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I46651
20 Larsen, Lars Christian  15 Apr 1920Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I44189
21 Larsen, Mary  24 Mar 1925Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I46668
22 Larsen, Ness  6 Jul 1932Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I46672
23 Maughan, Ada Naomi  10 Jan 1981Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I43543
24 Maughan, Elizabeth Weston  9 Nov 1918Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I43311
25 Maughan, Francis Farnes Fanny  31 Mar 1940Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I43402
26 Maughan, George W.  10 Aug 1960Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I43501
27 Maughan, Heber Chase  3 Aug 1944Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I43314
28 Maughan, Howard John  22 May 1965Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I43533
29 Maughan, Hyrum Weston  6 Sep 1893Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I43309
30 Maughan, James Collings  23 Nov 1957Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I43366
31 Maughan, Martha Weston  Feb 1895Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I43517
32 Maughan, Mary Ann  12 May 1975Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I43500
33 Maughan, Maude Farnes  9 Feb 1981Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I43408
34 Maughan, Norman Hendry  6 Apr 1966Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I43932
35 Maughan, Peter  26 Apr 1871Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I43232
36 Maughan, Peter Weston  17 Oct 1920Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I43312
37 Maughan, Rachel Ann Farnes  23 Apr 1968Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I43404
38 Naef, Mary Lucinda  15 Sep 1925Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I43527
39 Nelson, Emma Giles  Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I49436
40 Nissen, Maren  Oct 1901Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I47303
41 Obray, Lois Gibbons  1 Jun 2004Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I49155
42 Preator, Elizabeth Frances  2 Apr 1930Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I43214
43 Smith, Emma  6 Apr 1942Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I50224
44 Smith, Ezra Claine  Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I49435
45 Smith, Francis (Frannie)  12 Nov 1966Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I50238
46 Smith, Hortense Obray  Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I50196
47 Smith, Lucy  23 Aug 1952Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I50221
48 Smith, Marie  28 Aug 1974Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I50240
49 Sweet, Elizabeth Fullerton  2 Oct 1916Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I50232
50 Utley, Mildred Caroline  14 Feb 1930Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I43427

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Bailey, Lawrence Jones  1930Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I50834
2 Bailey, Luther Jones  1930Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I50836
3 Smith, Ezra Obray  1920Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I49438
4 Smith, Orson Gurney  1920Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I49439
5 Smith, Orson Gurney  1930Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I49439
6 Smith, Thomas X.  1880Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I49443


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Smith, Thomas X.  Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I49443
2 Smith, Thomas X.  1880Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I49443


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Jennie W  1920Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I171803
2 Jennie W  1930Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I171803
3 Affleck, Cecil Manilla Carl  1930Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I155174
4 Alder, Byron Frederick  1920Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I171783
5 Alder, Byron Frederick  1930Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I171783
6 Allen, Brigham Pope  1930Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I155495
7 Allen, Flora Maria  1920Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I155033
8 Allen, Joseph Reuben  1920Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I155497
9 Allen, Joseph Reuben  1930Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I155497
10 Allen, Laverne  1920Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I155499
11 Allen, Laverne  1930Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I155499
12 Allen, Margaret  1920Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I155496
13 Allen, Margaret  1930Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I155496
14 Allen, Reuben Franklin  1920Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I154987
15 Allen, Ruby  1920Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I155484
16 Allen, Ruby  1930Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I155484
17 Allen, Vernon  1930Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I155034
18 Allred, Edward Max  1920Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I163296
19 Allred, Glen O  1920Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I149087
20 Allred, Glenna Ann  1920Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I163300
21 Avery, Sarah Amy  1920Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I137632
22 Baker, George Myron  1920Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I144317
23 Baker, George Myron  1920Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I144317
24 Baker, Hannah LaRue  1920Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I144313
25 Baker, Hannah LaRue  1920Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I144313
26 Baker, Hannah LaRue  1930Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I144313
27 Baker, Hannah LaRue  1930Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I144313
28 Baker, Hayward Howard Haywood  1920Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I144315
29 Baker, Hayward Howard Haywood  1930Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I144315
30 Baker, Margaret  1920Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I144318
31 Baker, Margaret  1920Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I144318
32 Bates, George Sprague  1930Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I166229
33 Bean, Diana  1920Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I168819
34 Benson, Eveline  1880Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I156683
35 Berntsen, Clara Marie  1930Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I171386
36 Berntsen, Edmond Oscar  1920Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I171393
37 Berntsen, Marriner  1920Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I171394
38 Berntsen, Ole Christian  1920Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I171388
39 Black, Virgil Lyle  Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I177576
40 Blanchard, Ann  1900Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I171372
41 Blanchard, Bartha Elizabeth  1900Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I171266
42 Blanchard, Drucilla  1900Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I171370
43 Blanchard, Ephraim David  1880Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I171240
44 Blanchard, Ephraim David  1900Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I171240
45 Blanchard, Ephriam D  1880Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I171376
46 Blanchard, Ephriam D  1900Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I171376
47 Blanchard, Frederick L  1920Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I171273
48 Blanchard, Frederick L  1930Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I171273
49 Blanchard, George Moses  1920Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I171272
50 Blanchard, George Moses  1930Logan, Cache, Utah, USA I171272

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Baxter  29 Dec 1892Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F15824
2 Allan / Maughan  10 Oct 1881Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F15938
3 Allan / Stevens  30 Dec 1885Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F119310
4 Allen / Affleck  3 Mar 1920Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F118110
5 Allen / Bathin  26 May 1935Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F118196
6 Allen / Hammond  4 Apr 1889Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F118085
7 Allen / Hammond  6 Jan 1897Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F18304
8 Allen / Hanson  28 May 1877Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F18317
9 Allen / Hanson  28 May 1877Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F118081
10 Allen / Israelsen  23 May 1888Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F18316
11 Allen / Israelsen  23 May 1888Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F118058
12 Allen / Larsen  29 Oct 1924Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F118108
13 Allen / Miskin  23 Sep 1931Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F118125
14 Allen / Nielsen  26 Jan 1887Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F18319
15 Allen / Nielsen  26 Jan 1887Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F118079
16 Allen / Nielsen  14 Apr 1887Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F18302
17 Allen / Nielsen  14 Apr 1887Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F118063
18 Allen / Nielsen  17 Apr 1890Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F18310
19 Allen / Nielsen  17 Apr 1890Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F118097
20 Allen / Nielsen  26 Mar 1891Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F118077
21 Allen / Nielsen  28 Aug 1895Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F18312
22 Allen / Nilsen  6 Jan 1904Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F118074
23 Allen / Obray  25 Jun 1913Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F118115
24 Allen / Petersen  11 Jun 1902Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F118070
25 Allen / Pope  24 Dec 1903Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F18311
26 Allen / Pope  24 Dec 1903Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F118096
27 Allen / Unsworth  22 Oct 1902Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F118090
28 Allen / Walker  21 Sep 1887Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F116430
29 Aller / Smith  20 Aug 1934Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F18354
30 Allred / Anderson  12 Dec 1884Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F119420
31 Allred / Bowman  21 Dec 1910Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F115505
32 Allred / Carlson  1 Jun 1932Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F116770
33 Allred / Cragun  11 Mar 1991Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F116769
34 Ames / Gould  10 Dec 1894Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F117605
35 Ames / Hill  11 Jun 1884Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F117614
36 Ames / Maughan  18 Nov 1908Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F15832
37 Andersen / Smith  31 Jan 1935Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F18381
38 Anderson / Hendricks  23 Nov 1939Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F16429
39 Anderson / Trego  2 Jul 1932Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F119823
40 Andrus / Carr  23 Mar 1896Logan, Cache, Utah, Usa F339062
41 Bailey / Hall  20 Jun 1917Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F15847
42 Barker / Hancock  13 Jan 1887Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F122810
43 Barkle / Schiess  5 Jun 1929Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F122438
44 Barney / Winn  22 Nov 1938Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F122975
45 Bartholomew / Deakin  6 Mar 1953Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F118465
46 Bartholomew / Rallison  9 Jun 1920Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F118449
47 Baum / Hicken  1887Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F117646
48 Baxter / Nielsen  22 Dec 1910Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F8022
49 Baxter / Peterson  24 Nov 1915Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F8025
50 Bean / Allen  19 Jan 1939Logan, Cache, Utah, USA F118195

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