genealogy of the Hurst/Pittman and Allied families
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Massillon,Stark County,Ohio



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Eshman, Emma  2 Dec 1853Massillon,Stark County,Ohio I78969
2 Houk, William Leo  6 Jul 1879Massillon,Stark County,Ohio I183695
3 Huwig, Arthur Jacob  10 Jan 1891Massillon,Stark County,Ohio I78991
4 Jurgens, Charles  Abt 1900Massillon,Stark County,Ohio I79002
5 Jurgens, Edward  Abt 1892Massillon,Stark County,Ohio I79000
6 Jurgens, Joseph  Abt 1889Massillon,Stark County,Ohio I78999
7 Jurgens, Leona  Abt 1901Massillon,Stark County,Ohio I79003
8 Jurgens, Mary  Abt 1895Massillon,Stark County,Ohio I79001
9 McCarty, Barbara Cicelia  21 Jan 1870Massillon,Stark County,Ohio I78665
10 McCarty, George  Abt 1872Massillon,Stark County,Ohio I78666
11 McCarty, James  1857Massillon,Stark County,Ohio I78661
12 McCarty, Joseph  Abt Dec 1853Massillon,Stark County,Ohio I78660
13 McCarty, Thomas Francis  Abt 1863Massillon,Stark County,Ohio I78681
14 McCarty, William Edward  29 Oct 1874Massillon,Stark County,Ohio I78667
15 Miller, Andrew Francis  12 Aug 1885Massillon,Stark County,Ohio I78842
16 Miller, Joseph Thomas  19 Sep 1897Massillon,Stark County,Ohio I78845
17 Miller, Katherine Agnes  21 Mar 1888Massillon,Stark County,Ohio I78843
18 Miller, Mary Catherine  18 Aug 1879Massillon,Stark County,Ohio I78839
19 Semler, Grace Elizabeth  23 Feb 1897Massillon,Stark County,Ohio I79012
20 Walters, Angeline Clara  6 Feb 1880Massillon,Stark County,Ohio I78967
21 Walters, CLement  19 Jul 1890Massillon,Stark County,Ohio I183693
22 Walters, George Edward  19 Oct 1881Massillon,Stark County,Ohio I183692
23 Walters, Gilbert  Abt 1892Massillon,Stark County,Ohio I78968
24 Walters, Mary Catherine  7 Aug 1883Massillon,Stark County,Ohio I183694


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Huwig, Agnes Margaret  Abt 1937Massillon,Stark County,Ohio I78986
2 Huwig, Ernestine Ruth  Abt 1937Massillon,Stark County,Ohio I78985
3 Huwig, Helen Catherine  Abt 1976Massillon,Stark County,Ohio I78989
4 Huwig, Ida Catherine  Abt 1940Massillon,Stark County,Ohio I78981
5 Huwig, John Herbert  Abt 1978Massillon,Stark County,Ohio I78983
6 Huwig, John Paul  24 Apr 1958Massillon,Stark County,Ohio I78977
7 Huwig, Peter Albert  21 Sep 1956Massillon,Stark County,Ohio I78980
8 Jogerst, Grace Marie  Abt 1960Massillon,Stark County,Ohio I78997
9 Jogerst, Sylvia Catherine  1988Massillon,Stark County,Ohio I78996
10 Kirven, Raymond Dennis  Abt 1980Massillon,Stark County,Ohio I78865
11 McCarty, Barbara Cicelia  15 Jul 1912Massillon,Stark County,Ohio I78665
12 McCarty, George  Abt 1956Massillon,Stark County,Ohio I78666
13 McCarty, Joseph  Aft 1870Massillon,Stark County,Ohio I78660
14 McCarty, Thomas Francis  28 Aug 1909Massillon,Stark County,Ohio I78681
15 Miller, Catherine  Abt 1917Massillon,Stark County,Ohio I78938
16 Miller, Emma  30 Apr 1967Massillon,Stark County,Ohio I78972
17 Miller, Margaret K.  8 Sep 1925Massillon,Stark County,Ohio I78932
18 Walters, Angeline Clara  3 Feb 1942Massillon,Stark County,Ohio I78967
19 Walters, Gilbert  Abt 1950Massillon,Stark County,Ohio I78968


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Miller / McCarty  16 Aug 1877Massillon,Stark County,Ohio F28834