genealogy of the Hurst/Pittman and Allied families
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Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Allred, Neron Alonzo  2 Jul 1857Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I149493
2 Allred, Newton Devine  12 Jun 1855Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I143962
3 Baker, John Richard  27 Apr 1872Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I144253
4 Baker, Mary C Ottominnie Minnie  22 Mar 1868Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I144271
5 Baker, Mary Hannah  25 Mar 1868Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I144280
6 Baker, Nelson William  9 Oct 1871Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I144266
7 Baker, Walter  9 Feb 1870Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I144279
8 Baker, William Louis  14 Jan 1870Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I144269
9 Barnes, Max Miner  6 Jun 1916Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I17355
10 Bigler, Caroline Eliza  2 Jun 1861Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I42406
11 Black, Benjamin Daniel  21 Jul 1859Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I166813
12 Black, Hazel La Preal Laprell  21 Apr 1909Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I144189
13 Black, Isaac Edwin  30 Dec 1858Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I165237
14 Black, John Morley  27 Nov 1856Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I165248
15 Black, Joseph Luther  23 May 1910Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I144197
16 Black, William Grant  11 Jan 1857Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I166832
17 Carter, Maude Caroline  19 Oct 1880Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I163311
18 Cook, Marie Maria  29 Mar 1868Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I42919
19 Cook, Martha Abigail  16 Mar 1868Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I20149
20 Cook, Mary Elizabeth  17 Oct 1863Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I20145
21 Esplin, John James  1 Jan 1857Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I147902
22 Grover, Adelgunda  7 Jun 1873Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I42377
23 Grover, Daniel Wells  8 Apr 1876Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I42378
24 Grover, Pauline Elizabeth  25 Nov 1878Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I42368
25 Hoyt, Clarissa Amy  06 May 1880Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I48991
26 Hoyt, Mary Maria  04 Sep 1858Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I20125
27 Mangum, George Albert  12 Feb 1854Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I100934
28 Picton, Louisa Ann  20 Aug 1854Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I42370
29 Sapp, Mary Amanda  20 Aug 1870Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I147945
30 Sperry, Byron E  30 Mar 1937Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I161684
31 Sperry, James Lamont  10 Nov 1901Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I161685
32 Tyron, Hazel Hasel Murier  19 Jul 1889Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I144198


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Cook, Martha Abigail  20 Mar 1869Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I20149


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allred, Thomas Warren  27 Jun 1928Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I162292
2 Anderson, Joseph LeRoy  18 Nov 1994Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I162816
3 Anderson, Lavor LaVar  30 Aug 1980Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I163154
4 Anderson, Sarah Ethel  23 Apr 1977Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I162436
5 Barnes, Jay Judd  4 Nov 1896Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I169224
6 Barnes, Joseph Wilson  6 Nov 1929Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I18351
7 Bench, Ella Maria  27 Oct 1965Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I158804
8 Black, Joseph Luther  23 May 1910Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I144197
9 Black, Millie  3 Feb 1975Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I166889
10 Blackburn, Foris Hyde  2 Nov 1980Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I170592
11 Blain, Aldin Alden Alven  3 Sep 1994Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I149577
12 Bradfield, Elaine  11 May 1952Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I160324
13 Bradfield, Randall A  23 Jan 1984Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I160311
14 Cook, Barbara Matilda  12 Aug 1969Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I171791
15 Cook, Lydia  11 Jul 1861Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I7457
16 Fuller, Mary Maria  29 Oct 1868Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I20124
17 Grover, Joel  13 May 1886Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I42401
18 Holden, James  7 Apr 1862Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I20201
19 Holden, Joshua  7 Apr 1862Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I20179
20 Ivie, Lydia Ann  9 Jan 1920Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I183307
21 Ivie, Sarah Elizabeth  27 Jan 1920Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I183407
22 Kilfoyle, Lottie  30 Mar 1966Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I158818
23 Larson, James Royal  25 May 1965Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I171401
24 McDonald, Biddie  26 Feb 1851Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I20202
25 Moody, Nellie Bly  29 Jan 1992Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I169116
26 Nordstom, Ellen  17 Apr 1941Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I176777
27 Petty, Albert Haggerty  17 Feb 1928Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I160108
28 Shurtz, Leonard Wayne  Apr 1970Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I172466
29 Sperry, Byron E  2 Jun 1938Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I161684
30 Sperry, James Lamont  4 Nov 1963Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I161685
31 Yates, Susan Isadora Dora  9 Dec 1991Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I160330


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Barnes, Joseph Wilson  9 Nov 1929Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I18351
2 Bigler, Caroline Eliza  26 Mar 1890Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I42406
3 Fuller, Mary Maria  Oct 1868Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I20124
4 Ivie, Sarah Elizabeth  30 Jan 1920Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I183407
5 Miner, Inez Marilla  28 Aug 1946Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I18364


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bean, Josephine Olive  1910Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I168831
2 Black, Daniel Luther  1910Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I167082
3 Black, Hazel La Preal Laprell  1910Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I144189
4 Schofield, William Udall  1910Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I168919
5 Tidwell, Abraham  1880Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I177049
6 Tidwell, Frank  1880Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I177048
7 Tidwell, Louisa B.  1880Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I177047
8 Tidwell, Loula Pearl  1880Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I177045
9 Tidwell, Rowland  1880Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I177046
10 Tidwell, Sarah J  1880Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I177044
11 Tidwell, Thomas Absalom  1880Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I177037
12 Tidwell, Viola Elizabeth  1880Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I176991
13 Tyler, Louise Marie  1880Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I177036
14 Tyron, Hazel Hasel Murier  1910Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA I144198


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allred / Ericksen  29 Aug 1919Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA F119532
2 Baker / Bertelsen  1 Jun 1867Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA F115597
3 Black / Hansen  26 Oct 1859Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA F120391
4 Black / Tyron  6 Oct 1908Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA F115580
5 Cook / Holden  16 Nov 1862Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA F2618
6 Cook / Morgan  25 Dec 1862Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA F8511
7 Hoyt / Cook  25 Nov 1855Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA F8508
8 Lund / Nordstom  15 Oct 1920Nephi, Juab, Utah, USA F122743