genealogy of the Hurst/Pittman and Allied families
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Oklahoma, USA


State/Province : Latitude: 35.0077519, Longitude: -97.092877


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Mary Skinner  1897Oklahoma, USA I39854
2 Myrtle  1914Oklahoma, USA I902003
3 Ruth D  Abt 1898Oklahoma, USA I163471
4 Allred, Dave  2 Dec 1898Oklahoma, USA I163414
5 Allred, Dude H  14 Apr 1894Oklahoma, USA I163416
6 Allred, Wiley  2 Jun 1896Oklahoma, USA I163415
7 Barbee, Cecil Ingram  18 May 1918Oklahoma, USA I52902
8 Barker, Billy Paul  8 Nov 1927Oklahoma, USA I174112
9 Barker, Hobert  Dec 1885Oklahoma, USA I173984
10 Barker, Rachel Frances  Abt 1907Oklahoma, USA I174089
11 Barker, Samuel Schuyler  Jun 1898Oklahoma, USA I99512
12 Barney, Felix B  1876Oklahoma, USA I178058
13 Beach, Baby  Mar 1900Oklahoma, USA I174464
14 Beach, Grace M  1900Oklahoma, USA I174463
15 Beach, Loyd  Jul 1896Oklahoma, USA I174465
16 Bedell, Floyd Eugene  8 Jan 1902Oklahoma, USA I169456
17 Bilton, Bobbie P.  1918Oklahoma, USA I80528
18 Bilton, Eva B.  1915Oklahoma, USA I80529
19 Bilton, Lola  1912Oklahoma, USA I80530
20 Bishop, Lola Mae  1 Jul 1905Oklahoma, USA I143768
21 Bloomer, Esther Ellen  16 Jul 1913Oklahoma, USA I145434
22 Bobbitt, Oma Deverl  7 Sep 1905Oklahoma, USA I146035
23 Bowes, Bertha Ethel  10 May 1913Oklahoma, USA I152751
24 Bowes, Earl Thomas  2 Sep 1916Oklahoma, USA I152773
25 Bowes, Elizabeth Bessie Margaret  16 May 1911Oklahoma, USA I152752
26 Bowes, Elva Mae  7 Nov 1906Oklahoma, USA I152755
27 Bowes, Etta Leona Eddie  7 Mar 1916Oklahoma, USA I152750
28 Bowes, Joann Noweta  3 Aug 1927Oklahoma, USA I152748
29 Bowes, Ruby Elene  31 Jul 1909Oklahoma, USA I152753
30 Bowes, Ruth Ruthie Fay  12 Aug 1918Oklahoma, USA I152749
31 Bowes, Thomas Emmanuel  22 Mar 1894Oklahoma, USA I152758
32 Branch, Elizabeth B.  1899Oklahoma, USA I794970
33 Burton, William G  Abt 1901Oklahoma, USA I145537
34 Cannon, Wayne Leroy  6 Sep 1926Oklahoma, USA I173728
35 Clarkson, Lettie Rachel  9 Nov 1906Oklahoma, USA I55720
36 Cole, Agnes  1907Oklahoma, USA I791510
37 Cole, Edgar Franklin  22 Sep 1896Oklahoma, USA I791533
38 Cole, Ethel  1901Oklahoma, USA I791534
39 Cole, Leonard Nathan  1910Oklahoma, USA I791509
40 Davis, Barbara  Feb 1896Oklahoma, USA I143749
41 DeBerry, Fred  25 Mar 1913Oklahoma, USA I58426
42 DeBerry, Jennie  1905Oklahoma, USA I58429
43 DeBerry, Rufus Gibson  5 Jul 1909Oklahoma, USA I58436
44 Edwards, Arthur Lee  01 Oct 1901Oklahoma, USA I23243
45 Edwards, Clarence  1921Oklahoma, USA I729370
46 Edwards, Jackson  1921Oklahoma, USA I25589
47 Ellis, Edith  1905Oklahoma, USA I20244
48 Ellis, George Ezelle  30 Jul 1930Oklahoma, USA I800555
49 Ellis, Keithell Irlans  Jul 1929Oklahoma, USA I20241
50 Ellis, Louie Floyd  10 Jan 1920Oklahoma, USA I20240

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beach, Ruth Nevada  5 Apr 1923Oklahoma, USA I174403
2 Bobbitt, Newman John  2 Sep 1890Oklahoma, USA I145797
3 Gorrell, John Franklin  11 Oct 1961Oklahoma, USA I176049
4 Hail, Orville  Apr 1914Oklahoma, USA I61935
5 Hurst, Alice Annie  1980Oklahoma, USA I23241
6 Hurst, William David  1940Oklahoma, USA I729470
7 Litle, Paul Allen  Bef 1940Oklahoma, USA I6127
8 Maxey, Thomas  1918Oklahoma, USA I67096
9 Pyburn, Jo Anne  1911Oklahoma, USA I93875
10 Senter, Cloyd Charles  Nov 1963Oklahoma, USA I19784
11 West, John Fremont Cecil  14 Feb 1935Oklahoma, USA I6048
12 Wynn, Edith Shanklyn  Jan 1970Oklahoma, USA I98308


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Pittman, Wesley Francis Sr.  12 Sep 1918Oklahoma, USA I6105


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Hale, Don Ecily  1930Oklahoma, USA I62451


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    SSN    Person ID 
1 Edwards, Arthur Lee  1973Oklahoma, USA I23243
2 Edwards, George Washington  1959Oklahoma, USA I20010
3 Edwards, James Henry  1976Oklahoma, USA I166
4 Edwards, Luther  1967Oklahoma, USA I14024
5 Pittman, Donel Edward  2004Oklahoma, USA I6047
6 Pittman, Ethel Katherine  2003Oklahoma, USA I6161
7 Pittman, Marvin Allen  1979Oklahoma, USA I6044
8 Senter, James Otis  1957Oklahoma, USA I12
9 Smith, Othell Cecil Junior Edwards  2003Oklahoma, USA I4371
10 Webb, Warner Ruffus  Oklahoma, USA I80698


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bobbitt / Mcvay  1905Oklahoma, USA F115941
2 Cole / Knowles  8 Oct 1905Oklahoma, USA F334643
3 Smith / Ellis  1928Oklahoma, USA F12