genealogy of the Hurst/Pittman and Allied families
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Chester, Tennessee, USA


County/Shire : Latitude: 35.445120406778415, Longitude: -88.64044189453125


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Cox, Dovie Blanchard Nealus Banks Marion Oliphant Lefell Hanks  6 May 1906Chester, Tennessee, USA I19778
2 Cox, Ewin  1921Chester, Tennessee, USA I23227
3 Cox, Guy Warren  1913Chester, Tennessee, USA I23192
4 Cox, Hubert Thomas Washington  22 Nov 1894Chester, Tennessee, USA I19776
5 Cox, Jerold  1925Chester, Tennessee, USA I23230
6 Cox, Joseph  Dec 1919Chester, Tennessee, USA I23191
7 Cox, Lutensaf  Feb 1927Chester, Tennessee, USA I23231
8 Cox, Shelly  Mar 1829Chester, Tennessee, USA I23232
9 Cox, Susanna  1923Chester, Tennessee, USA I23228
10 Cox, Teressa  1924Chester, Tennessee, USA I23229
11 Grantham  02 Mar 1898Chester, Tennessee, USA I39883
12 Grantham, George  1894Chester, Tennessee, USA I39882
13 Grantham, Maude Arora  25 Mar 1889Chester, Tennessee, USA I39884
14 Hurst, Houston W  1907Chester, Tennessee, USA I2648
15 Hurst, Ethel  1905Chester, Tennessee, USA I23193
16 Hurst, LaPaz Kernal  01 Feb 1924Chester, Tennessee, USA I40
17 Hurst, Theodore C.  1896Chester, Tennessee, USA I2716
18 Hurst, Zeltie  1897Chester, Tennessee, USA I2717


Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Carlene  1952Chester, Tennessee, USA I39880
2 Mary Melissa  1940Chester, Tennessee, USA I39881
3 Cox, Isaac Franklin  23 May 1932Chester, Tennessee, USA I4617
4 Cox, Joseph W  1878Chester, Tennessee, USA I20056
5 Cox, Martha Rosetta  1922Chester, Tennessee, USA I2678
6 Cox, Mary May  20 Dec 1915Chester, Tennessee, USA I20049
7 Cox, Rachel  25 Oct 1897Chester, Tennessee, USA I20058
8 Cox, Rhoda S. Adeline  13 Sep 1892Chester, Tennessee, USA I20057
9 Cox, Ruthie E  03 Sep 1954Chester, Tennessee, USA I19771
10 Cox, William Joseph  25 Oct 1899Chester, Tennessee, USA I19777
11 Franks, Emiline Ruth  30 Jul 1903Chester, Tennessee, USA I20097
12 Grantham  02 Mar 1898Chester, Tennessee, USA I39883
13 Grantham, Emily Frances  Jan 1883Chester, Tennessee, USA I20101
14 Grantham, George  1897Chester, Tennessee, USA I39882
15 Grantham, James Patrick  15 Jun 1903Chester, Tennessee, USA I20096
16 Grantham, John W.  1933Chester, Tennessee, USA I20105
17 Grantham, Maude Arora  28 Mar 1889Chester, Tennessee, USA I39884
18 Hatch, Odell  1996Chester, Tennessee, USA I2649
19 Hurst, Houston W  1988Chester, Tennessee, USA I2648
20 Hurst, Arthur Carroll  16 Jul 1944Chester, Tennessee, USA I2795
21 Hurst, Carl  9 Dec 1931Chester, Tennessee, USA I2811
22 Hurst, Chapman Synnet  1925Chester, Tennessee, USA I57
23 Hurst, Donia Ann  29 May 1887Chester, Tennessee, USA I52
24 Hurst, Elijah Stanton  2 Nov 1931Chester, Tennessee, USA I65
25 Hurst, Elmer  1974Chester, Tennessee, USA I2807
26 Hurst, Ernest  1968Chester, Tennessee, USA I2804
27 Hurst, Eva  11 Jul 1915Chester, Tennessee, USA I2806
28 Hurst, Inez  1965Chester, Tennessee, USA I2797
29 Hurst, Paul  28 Feb 1962Chester, Tennessee, USA I2814
30 Hurst, William Nichalos  31 Jul 1949Chester, Tennessee, USA I47
31 Hurst, Zeltie  1908Chester, Tennessee, USA I2717
32 Luna, Mary Ann  1888Chester, Tennessee, USA I2794
33 Rogers, Sarah  30 Sep 1909Chester, Tennessee, USA I20048
34 Wilson, Margaret Jane  3 Jul 1950Chester, Tennessee, USA I2796


Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Arlie  17 Apr 1930Chester, Tennessee, USA I23226
2 Cooper, Cordie Winifred  06 Jan 1920Chester, Tennessee, USA I23190
3 Cox, Althia Omega  14 Apr 1910Chester, Tennessee, USA I19775
4 Cox, Althia Omega  06 Jan 1920Chester, Tennessee, USA I19775
5 Cox, Dovie Blanchard Nealus Banks Marion Oliphant Lefell Hanks  14 Apr 1910Chester, Tennessee, USA I19778
6 Cox, Dovie Blanchard Nealus Banks Marion Oliphant Lefell Hanks  06 Jan 1920Chester, Tennessee, USA I19778
7 Cox, Dulcie Octavia  14 Apr 1910Chester, Tennessee, USA I38
8 Cox, Dulcie Octavia  06 Jan 1920Chester, Tennessee, USA I38
9 Cox, Ewin  17 Apr 1930Chester, Tennessee, USA I23227
10 Cox, Guy Warren  06 Jan 1920Chester, Tennessee, USA I23192
11 Cox, Hubert Thomas Washington  14 Apr 1910Chester, Tennessee, USA I19776
12 Cox, Hubert Thomas Washington  06 Jan 1920Chester, Tennessee, USA I19776
13 Cox, Isaac Franklin  14 Apr 1910Chester, Tennessee, USA I4617
14 Cox, Isaac Franklin  06 Jan 1920Chester, Tennessee, USA I4617
15 Cox, Isaac Franklin  17 Apr 1930Chester, Tennessee, USA I4617
16 Cox, James Robert  14 Apr 1910Chester, Tennessee, USA I19774
17 Cox, James Robert  06 Jan 1920Chester, Tennessee, USA I19774
18 Cox, James Robert  17 Apr 1930Chester, Tennessee, USA I19774
19 Cox, Jerold  17 Apr 1930Chester, Tennessee, USA I23230
20 Cox, Joseph  06 Jan 1920Chester, Tennessee, USA I23191
21 Cox, Lutensaf  17 Apr 1930Chester, Tennessee, USA I23231
22 Cox, Mary Jane  14 Apr 1910Chester, Tennessee, USA I19770
23 Cox, Mary Jane  06 Jan 1920Chester, Tennessee, USA I19770
24 Cox, Mary Jane  17 Apr 1930Chester, Tennessee, USA I19770
25 Cox, Ruthie E  14 Apr 1910Chester, Tennessee, USA I19771
26 Cox, Shelly  17 Apr 1930Chester, Tennessee, USA I23232
27 Cox, Susanna  17 Apr 1930Chester, Tennessee, USA I23228
28 Cox, Teressa  17 Apr 1930Chester, Tennessee, USA I23229
29 Goodman, Saphronia  06 Jan 1920Chester, Tennessee, USA I123
30 Grantham, Susanna Jennie  14 Apr 1910Chester, Tennessee, USA I19769
31 Grantham, Susanna Jennie  06 Jan 1920Chester, Tennessee, USA I19769
32 Grantham, Susanna Jennie  17 Apr 1930Chester, Tennessee, USA I19769
33 Hurst, Houston W  17 Apr 1930Chester, Tennessee, USA I2648
34 Hurst, Byron F.  07 Jun 1900Chester, Tennessee, USA I1056
35 Hurst, Chapman Synnet  07 Jun 1900Chester, Tennessee, USA I57
36 Hurst, Cora Lee  07 Jun 1900Chester, Tennessee, USA I1052
37 Hurst, Ester  07 Jun 1900Chester, Tennessee, USA I1058
38 Hurst, Ethel  06 Jan 1920Chester, Tennessee, USA I23193
39 Hurst, Marion Franklin  06 Jan 1920Chester, Tennessee, USA I62
40 Hurst, Sulie Jane  07 Jun 1900Chester, Tennessee, USA I50
41 Hurst, Theodore C.  06 Jan 1920Chester, Tennessee, USA I2716
42 Hurst, Walter R.  07 Jun 1900Chester, Tennessee, USA I1054
43 Hurst, William Nichalos  07 Jun 1900Chester, Tennessee, USA I47
44 Moore, Clem  17 Apr 1930Chester, Tennessee, USA I2577
45 Smith, Margaret Frances  07 Jun 1900Chester, Tennessee, USA I69
46 Smith, Nancy Jane  07 Jun 1900Chester, Tennessee, USA I46


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Cox, Hubert Thomas Washington  05 Jun 1917Chester, Tennessee, USA I19776
2 Cox, James Robert  05 Jun 1917Chester, Tennessee, USA I19774


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Cox, Isaac Franklin  14 Apr 1910Chester, Tennessee, USA I4617
2 Cox, Isaac Franklin  06 Jan 1920Chester, Tennessee, USA I4617
3 Cox, Isaac Franklin  17 Apr 1930Chester, Tennessee, USA I4617
4 Hurst, Marion Franklin  06 Jan 1920Chester, Tennessee, USA I62


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cox /   1925Chester, Tennessee, USA F9618
2 Cox / Cooper  21 Dec 1917Chester, Tennessee, USA F9612
3 Moore / Cox  27 Jun 1926Chester, Tennessee, USA F933