genealogy of the Hurst/Pittman and Allied families
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Franklin, Virginia, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adkins, Parker  1763Franklin, Virginia, USA I151388
2 Agee, Mary  1782Franklin, Virginia, USA I52141
3 Chastain, Isaac  1798Franklin, Virginia, USA I787351
4 Chastain, William  1 Sep 1796Franklin, Virginia, USA I787517
5 Creahead, Johanna  1747Franklin, Virginia, USA I56646
6 Creahead, John  1742Franklin, Virginia, USA I56647
7 Creahead, Nancy Ann  1767Franklin, Virginia, USA I56658
8 Creahead, Peter  1750Franklin, Virginia, USA I56660
9 Creahead, Susannah  Sep 1764Franklin, Virginia, USA I56667
10 Haile, James Lewis  1770Franklin, Virginia, USA I62206
11 Haile, Nancy  1791Franklin, Virginia, USA I62314
12 Haile, Stephen  1750Franklin, Virginia, USA I62385
13 Kemp, Thomas Cauper  10 Jan 1763Franklin, Virginia, USA I65162
14 Lefon, Mary  1765Franklin, Virginia, USA I151387
15 Maxey, Josiah  1750Franklin, Virginia, USA I67044
16 McGlasson, James  1772Franklin, Virginia, USA I100125
17 McGlasson, Joseph Bransford  Abt 1782Franklin, Virginia, USA I100169
18 Moss, Cicily  1765Franklin, Virginia, USA I68127
19 Powell, Nancy  Franklin, Virginia, USA I69576
20 Powell, Sarah  16 Jan 1776Franklin, Virginia, USA I69582


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Adkins, Jacob I  1791Franklin, Virginia, USA I151389
2 Arthur, John  24 Aug 1850Franklin, Virginia, USA I52507
3 Craghead, John  24 Jan 1859Franklin, Virginia, USA I56558
4 Creahead, John  Jun 1808Franklin, Virginia, USA I56647
5 Kemp, Thomas Cauper  1 Sep 1831Franklin, Virginia, USA I65162
6 Law, John  18 Jun 1799Franklin, Virginia, USA I65744
7 Law, Nathaniel  2 May 1823Franklin, Virginia, USA I65751
8 Maxey, Esther  20 May 1826Franklin, Virginia, USA I67007
9 Maxey, Jane L.  1785Franklin, Virginia, USA I67029
10 Maxey, Josiah  1793Franklin, Virginia, USA I67044
11 Netherland, Mary  20 May 1799Franklin, Virginia, USA I68417


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allen / Creahead  3 Dec 1790Franklin, Virginia, USA F19370
2 Camp / Haile  24 Dec 1790Franklin, Virginia, USA F21198
3 Craghead / Powell  2 Jan 1794Franklin, Virginia, USA F22064
4 Creahead / Agee  28 Dec 1802Franklin, Virginia, USA F19267
5 Creahead / Dunn  13 Jan 1800Franklin, Virginia, USA F22134
6 Creahead / Hale  2 Apr 1789Franklin, Virginia, USA F22115
7 Creahead / Powell  18 Nov 1792Franklin, Virginia, USA F22108
8 Haile / Arthur  5 Mar 1769Franklin, Virginia, USA F19580
9 Kizzee / Haile  18 Dec 1810Franklin, Virginia, USA F24980
10 Law / Maxey  5 Sep 1796Franklin, Virginia, USA F26245