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Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA


City/Town : Latitude: 40.722901, Longitude: -81.518332


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beal, Darrell R.  1938Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I901940
2 Beal, John L.  11 Nov 1936Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I901939
3 Beal, Thomas L.  1940Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I901941
4 Eberhardt, Emma Rosina  23 Mar 1918Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I21102
5 Eberhardt, George  17 Oct 1915Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I21101
6 Eberhardt, Jerome  28 Aug 1913Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I21100
7 Gleitsman, Raymond W.  10 Jul 1924Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I21105
8 Gorius, Cecelia Alice  20 Feb 1904Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22743
9 Gorius, Clarence William  9 Mar 1908Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22746
10 Gorius, Edith Florence  13 Oct 1913Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22748
11 Gorius, Ellen Catherine  15 Aug 1885Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22734
12 Gorius, Elma  28 Aug 1886Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22735
13 Gorius, Grace Matilda  11 Jul 1899Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22740
14 Gorius, John Peter  25 May 1887Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22736
15 Gorius, Laura Cecilia  29 Feb 1896Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22739
16 Gorius, Mabel Helena  17 Aug 1901Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22741
17 Gorius, Mary Elizabeth  20 Jan 1890Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I20973
18 Gorius, Pearl Elizabeth  16 Jun 1910Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22747
19 Gorius, Viola Marie  8 Jun 1906Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22745
20 Gorius, William Stephen  3 Mar 1892Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22737
21 Hattery, Arthur O.  13 May 1899Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22783
22 Hattery, Charles M.  12 May 1882Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22761
23 Hattery, Edith Viola  10 Jul 1901Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22784
24 Hattery, George Edward  Abt 1884Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22762
25 Hattery, Ida Ellen  30 Mar 1890Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22782
26 Hattery, John Walter  2 Feb 1892Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22780
27 Hattery, Mary Elizabeth  1 Apr 1886Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22773
28 Hattery, Peter Levi  4 Jan 1888Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22778
29 Hattery, Raymond Earl  3 Jul 1897Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22758
30 Hattery, Robert Foley  17 Sep 1895Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22781
31 Hug, Matilda Ludovica  13 May 1862Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I78668
32 Lash, Dessy  Abt 1844Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22489
33 Lash, Richard  Abt 1840Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22491
34 Loudiana, Leroy  3 Apr 1906Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I21098
35 Loudiana, Ruth  26 Jan 1905Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I21097
36 Miller, Frederick Aloisius  15 Nov 1884Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I78841
37 Reichel, Caroline  23 Feb 1912Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22759
38 Stewart, Anita Mary  02 Jun 1923Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I20382
39 Vananda, Catherine Elizabeth  28 Apr 1858Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22702
40 Vananda, Charles Foster  14 Jul 1878Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22730
41 Vananda, James Aaron  13 Mar 1862Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22706
42 Vananda, Lydia Ann  2 Nov 1875Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22728
43 Vananda, Mary Elizabeth  17 Jun 1872Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22717
44 Vananda, Sarah Emma  22 Mar 1867Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I21325


Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Beal, John  28 Sep 1936Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I901942
2 Crawford, Oscar  29 Mar 2008Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I80036
3 Eberhardt, Lawrence  3 Nov 1967Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22755
4 Elliott, Freda Mabel  26 Dec 2000Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I20341
5 Foss, Victoria L  15 Apr 1998Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I4350
6 Garman, Gladys E.  24 Aug 1960Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I20380
7 Garman, James Wilber  23 Nov 1988Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I20375
8 Garman, Wilber E.  27 Mar 1955Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I20373
9 Gleitsman, Archie E  21 Jun 1972Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I39413
10 Gleitsman, Raymond  29 Dec 1968Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22757
11 Gorius, Cecelia Alice  5 Nov 1976Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22743
12 Gorius, Ellen Catherine  30 Jul 1933Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22734
13 Gorius, Elma  16 Oct 1887Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22735
14 Gorius, John Peter  20 Mar 1963Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22736
15 Gorius, Laura Cecilia  28 Oct 1953Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22739
16 Gorius, Mabel Helena  14 Oct 1969Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22741
17 Gorius, Pearl Elizabeth  23 Nov 1928Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22747
18 Gorius, Peter  25 Feb 1916Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I21312
19 Gorius, Viola Marie  5 May 1907Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22745
20 Gorius, William Stephen  3 Jun 1892Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22737
21 Haflich, Elizabeth  10 Oct 1872Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22584
22 Hart, Marion Edgar  08 Sep 1980Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I20340
23 Hattery, Arthur O.  9 Dec 1934Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22783
24 Hattery, George Edward  Abt 1904Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22762
25 Hattery, Peter Levi  31 Jan 1977Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22778
26 Hattery, Raymond Earl  25 Feb 1973Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22758
27 Hattery, William  27 Oct 1932Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22731
28 Lash, Dessy  Abt 1900Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22489
29 Lash, Mary Ann  22 Jan 1904Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I21818
30 Lash, Richard  Abt 1920Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22491
31 Loudiana, Frank  20 Jan 1947Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I39404
32 Loudiana, James  08 Oct 1915Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I39402
33 Loudiana, Luke Anthony  02 Jan 1944Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22749
34 Montenson, Julia  26 Sep 1939Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I39403
35 Stewart, Anita Mary  3 Mar 1986Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I20382
36 Vananda, Catherine Elizabeth  13 Jan 1933Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22702
37 Vananda, Jacob  30 Apr 1839Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22571
38 Vananda, James Aaron  26 Jan 1884Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22706
39 Vananda, Levi  13 Jun 1900Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I21817
40 Vananda, Lydia Ann  17 May 1876Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22728
41 Vananda, Sarah Emma  9 Dec 1917Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I21325
42 Warner, Alonzo  2 Apr 1944Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I742341
43 Wiseman, Ruth E  21 Sep 2006Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I41465


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Dennis, Anna  02 Apr 1930Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I39397
2 Eberhardt, Emma Rosina  09 Jan 1920Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I21102
3 Eberhardt, Emma Rosina  10 Apr 1930Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I21102
4 Eberhardt, George  09 Jan 1920Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I21101
5 Eberhardt, George  10 Apr 1930Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I21101
6 Eberhardt, Jerome  09 Jan 1920Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I21100
7 Eberhardt, Jerome  10 Apr 1930Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I21100
8 Eberhardt, Lawrence  09 Jan 1920Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22755
9 Eberhardt, Lawrence  10 Apr 1930Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22755
10 Gleitsman, Albert J  05 Jan 1920Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I39410
11 Gleitsman, Archie E  05 Jan 1920Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I39413
12 Gleitsman, Raymond  02 Apr 1930Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22757
13 Gorius, Cecelia Alice  26 Apr 1910Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22743
14 Gorius, Cecelia Alice  03 Apr 1930Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22743
15 Gorius, Cecelia Alice  9 Apr 1940Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22743
16 Gorius, Clarence William  26 Apr 1910Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22746
17 Gorius, Clarence William  09 Jan 1920Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22746
18 Gorius, Clarence William  10 Apr 1930Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22746
19 Gorius, Edith Florence  09 Jan 1920Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22748
20 Gorius, Edith Florence  10 Apr 1930Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22748
21 Gorius, Ellen Catherine  08 Jan 1920Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22734
22 Gorius, Ellen Catherine  15 Apr 1930Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22734
23 Gorius, Grace Matilda  26 Apr 1910Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22740
24 Gorius, John Peter  26 Apr 1910Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22736
25 Gorius, Laura Cecilia  26 Apr 1910Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22739
26 Gorius, Laura Cecilia  09 Jan 1920Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22739
27 Gorius, Laura Cecilia  10 Apr 1930Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22739
28 Gorius, Mabel Helena  26 Apr 1910Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22741
29 Gorius, Mabel Helena  02 Apr 1930Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22741
30 Gorius, Pearl Elizabeth  09 Jan 1920Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22747
31 Gorius, Peter  26 Apr 1910Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I21312
32 Haflich, Elizabeth  07 Jul 1870Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22584
33 Hattery, Arthur O.  13 Jun 1900Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22783
34 Hattery, Charles M.  13 Jun 1900Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22761
35 Hattery, George Edward  13 Jun 1900Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22762
36 Hattery, Ida Ellen  13 Jun 1900Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22782
37 Hattery, John Walter  13 Jun 1900Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22780
38 Hattery, Mary Elizabeth  13 Jun 1900Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22773
39 Hattery, Peter Levi  13 Jun 1900Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22778
40 Hattery, Raymond Earl  13 Jun 1900Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22758
41 Hattery, Raymond Earl  03 Apr 1930Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22758
42 Hattery, Raymond Earl  9 Apr 1940Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22758
43 Hattery, Raymond Earl  03 Apr 1930Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I21108
44 Hattery, Raymond Earl  9 Apr 1940Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I21108
45 Hattery, Robert Foley  13 Jun 1900Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22781
46 Hattery, William  13 Jun 1900Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22731
47 Holman, Hugh Jr  02 Apr 1930Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I39400
48 Holman, Roy  02 Apr 1930Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I39401
49 Holman, Walter  02 Apr 1930Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22760
50 Lash, Mary Ann  07 Jul 1870Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I21818

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Vananda, Charles Foster  25 Jun 1929Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I22730


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Gorius, Peter  12 May 1916Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA I21312


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Eberhardt / Gorius  30 Jun 1913Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA F8848
2 Garman / Stewart  05 Jun 1943Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA F8586
3 Gorius / Vananda  14 May 1885Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA F8790
4 Hattery / Vananda  18 Aug 1881Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA F9459
5 Loudiana / Gorius  14 Sep 1904Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA F8847
6 Miller / Gorius  28 Sep 1909Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA F8751
7 Vananda /   12 Mar 1846Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA F8903
8 Vananda / Lash  11 Dec 1856Navarre, Stark, Ohio, USA F8912