genealogy of the Hurst/Pittman and Allied families
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North Carolina, USA


State/Province : Latitude: 35.7595731, Longitude: -79.0192997


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Blanche  1882North Carolina, USA I154619
2 Deloma  Abt 1810North Carolina, USA I150209
3 Ida A  Apr 1870North Carolina, USA I180366
4 Margaret  1806North Carolina, USA I150267
5 Maria W.  1801North Carolina, USA I80458
6 Martha R  Abt 1878North Carolina, USA I158878
7 Sarah  Abt 1803North Carolina, USA I144889
8 Susannah  1769North Carolina, USA I39793
9 .Nicholson, Elizabeth  20 Jun 1820North Carolina, USA I787098
10 Adkison, Robert  1779North Carolina, USA I791174
11 Albright, Adam  North Carolina, USA I20272
12 Albritton, Henrietta Louisa  10 Jan 1839North Carolina, USA I180328
13 Allred, Jane Maria  1819North Carolina, USA I161609
14 Badger, Frances Lucretia  4 May 1799North Carolina, USA I153686
15 Badger, George E  1838North Carolina, USA I154556
16 Badger, Sherwood  Abt 1845North Carolina, USA I154546
17 Baker, Joahanna  1807North Carolina, USA I240
18 Ball, Alfred  1824North Carolina, USA I25093
19 Ball, Ensley  1838North Carolina, USA I25094
20 Ball, George  1819North Carolina, USA I25092
21 Ball, James  1792North Carolina, USA I23258
22 Ball, Wilson  1818North Carolina, USA I25091
23 Beals, Ann  1722North Carolina, USA I150680
24 Beals, Bowater  1725North Carolina, USA I150679
25 Blevans, Jemima  Abt 1792North Carolina, USA I5936
26 Blevins, Polly  North Carolina, USA I5935
27 Boone, Roam B  1894North Carolina, USA I151631
28 Bradbury, Anna A  21 Aug 1808North Carolina, USA I170044
29 Briggs, Rebecca Jane  30 Jan 1796North Carolina, USA I170495
30 Buchanan, Alma E.  1889North Carolina, USA I788783
31 Buchanan, Henry  Mar 1897North Carolina, USA I788790
32 Buchanan, Simon B.  1832North Carolina, USA I788792
33 Chapman, Elizabeth  1795North Carolina, USA I55347
34 Choate, Richard  1800North Carolina, USA I12340
35 Clark, Mary  1793North Carolina, USA I39750
36 Cogdell, Lydia  16 Jan 1765North Carolina, USA I153689
37 Cox, Cynthia  1825North Carolina, USA I24965
38 Crawhorn, Elizabeth  1810North Carolina, USA I150404
39 Davis, Frank  26 Oct 1917North Carolina, USA I79867
40 Davis, Hannah  1791North Carolina, USA I9280
41 Davis, Mildred  1922North Carolina, USA I79863
42 Davis, Paul J.  1915North Carolina, USA I79864
43 Day, Edward  1762North Carolina, USA I36090
44 Day, James  1758North Carolina, USA I36077
45 Day, Laban  Abt 1760North Carolina, USA I36089
46 Deal, Ruth Ila  2 Sep 1887North Carolina, USA I787620
47 Doudna, Margaret  26 Aug 1799North Carolina, USA I164867
48 Duncan, Annie Badger  May 1882North Carolina, USA I154598
49 Duncan, Delia Bryan  Jun 1889North Carolina, USA I154597
50 Eads, John G  Jan 1877North Carolina, USA I145978

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allman, Isaac Denver  24 Nov 1975North Carolina, USA I36162
2 Allred, Elizabeth  1787North Carolina, USA I148957
3 Ann  27 Apr 1795North Carolina, USA I52388
4 Badger, George  North Carolina, USA I153496
5 Collins, James  North Carolina, USA I98784
6 Conger, John  7 Feb 1784North Carolina, USA I56242
7 Edwards, Archibald  30 Dec 1901North Carolina, USA I59377
8 Everitt, Hanna  1756North Carolina, USA I60037
9 Gerking, Joshua  1782North Carolina, USA I60792
10 Lester, Peter Jr  North Carolina, USA I8424
11 Markham, Ruby Lee  29 Dec 2004North Carolina, USA I182997
12 McGlothlin, Narcie  30 Nov 1991North Carolina, USA I25119
13 Meador, Jason  1774North Carolina, USA I67466
14 Noe, Todd Dwayne  15 Jan 2005North Carolina, USA I795345
15 Robeson, Sarah  1811North Carolina, USA I791197
16 Wetmore, William Robards  North Carolina, USA I154562


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bryan, Eleanor Hawkins  North Carolina, USA I154589


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Badger / Austin  North Carolina, USA F117980
2 Burton / Woodward  10 May 1848North Carolina, USA F21073
3 Palin / Bond  5 Jul 1827North Carolina, USA F116939
4 Rogers / Rogers  1770North Carolina, USA F28674
5 Sizemore / Jackson  1748North Carolina, USA F15208