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Lynn Hullinger memories

The folks bought an 80 acre farm 1 ? miles east from the place we were living. James Hamblin had the farm to the west, Dean Hunt Hamblin had the place north of us, Delmar Hamblin the place east , and Remo Hamblin south of us, James and Dean were the only ones that had their land when we bought our farm, the others bought theirs later. We moved there in 1947, dad built a pigpen ? miles west, we had to carry feed there in the morning and again at night. In the winter you would nearly freeze to death taking slop to the hogs. Dad was building a house, we had a small camper type trailer to live in, there was not enough room to contain all of our beds in the trailer, Dad pitched his carves tent and Arvin and I had our beds in the tent. Just so happened that 1947-48 was the coldest winter on record, temperatures falling to -47F that winter. Cows had their tits frozen, we had to take our cows and horses to George Hunts pond to water them. We hadn't drilled our water well yet, we had to haul water from some one else's well.The water in the barrel would often freeze by morning. We had a very meager food supply that winter, we had raised a good crop of pinto beans, wheat which we took to the Roosevelt flour mill and had it ground into flour and cereal. We had potatoes which we had raised, our meat was from the two deer that Dad and Mom had got that fall. Our electric lines were not in yet, we had to dig the post holes for a half mile first, in the frozen snow covered ground, set the poles, then the phone and electric company's would come and run the lines, so we lived by lamps and candles that first winter. In the spring the house was completed, three rooms, no indoor plumbing, that came later. The water well was dug and we had running water just outside the kitchen door. Mom had a cast iron kitchen stove that we provided cedar wood to burn, cedar made very good cooking wood, not much smoke, the burning wood smelled good. It must have been good wood, Mom made the best meals in the world! The house was warmed with a coal burning potbellied stove, when we came in from the cold we could back up to the stove and get warm quickly. When central heat came it seemed like we could never get warm, no stove to back up to. That summer we raised a big garden, canned lots of vegetables and fruit, we stored the squash and root vegetables in a cellar we had dug into the earth, we were able to keep fresh vegetables until spring. The winter of 1948-49 was even more severe than the previous winter, we was a lot better prepared for that winter. That is the winter Sharon was born, the weather was so cold we had to keep a heater on any engine we wanted to run, Dad tried to keep the Alis Chalmers tractor and the car where he could start them. In December it was very cold, lots of snow and a constant wind to blow the snow into very deep drifts along the lane we had to drive to get to the better road. My brother and I and the Hunt children had to walk through the snow drifts to get to our bus stop, which would have been much more difficult had Dad not rode the horses over the snow drifts to keep the road open. When it came time for Sharon to be born Dad had to take the team of horses and work the snow down to where the car could get through, there was just too much snow for the tractor to handle. Sharon was born on the 11th day of December 1948, Dad and Mom got through the snow and to the Roosevelt hospital in time for her to come. She was and still is my favorite little sister, Arvin and I had wanted a sister for a long time. Sharon sure brought a lot of joy to our family, we all loved to hold her, play with her, and watch her grow. I had a good friend my age that was named Sharon Shaw, I really liked that name and so I persuaded my parents to name her Sharon.

Owner/SourceLynn Hullinger
Date27 Jul 2009
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