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Alfreda Melvin's stories...

From Alfreda Melvin, Julia Maria Weston's daughter. Apparently he was always kind and patient with her, because she has only happy memories of her grandfather. She loved to reminisce about the time he spent with her. Evidently when Weltha was either sick or had a big project that she might have been working on, he would take her out to the fields with him. She remembered going out before daybreak and sleeping on his long cotton-harvesting sack as he picked cotton and dragged her along behind him. (It's a mental picture that I just love!) She remembered setting out early to make a trip to town with him in the horse and buggy - which seemed to be pretty much an all-day activity. She said they would set out early, stop by a creek and eat on the way, then stop again on the way back to eat a second meal. It sounds as though this was her happy time in life, and that her grandfather was happy to use the support checks that derived from her father's military service to spoil her, as she mentioned having nice shoes and "a little rabbit fur coat". His facts seem to paint him as a hard-working farmer who barely was able to keep the family provided for. Mom spent most of her days with her grandmother, but when John came in from his farming duties, he took Mom off of Weltha's hands, working around in the family garden and listening to her childish chatter. I don't know the cause of John's death, but Mom said that he had been sick for some time. She said that the Doctor prescribed alcohol as the palliative care as he got toward the end of his life. Since this was right in the middle of Prohibition (1920 - 1933), , it became youngest son Edgar's job to connect with the bootleggers who could provide it for him. Mom thought that this task was probably Edgar's downfall, as he was in his late 20's at the time, and that was about the time that Edgar began having real problems with alcohol abuse. I'm sure that it did not help that the Dust Bowl times of 1931-1936 made it almost impossible for most to find ways to survive.

Owner/SourceAlfreda Melvin
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