genealogy of the Hurst/Pittman and Allied families
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Hubert Cole story

This is a story that Hub used to tell about his Grandpa John. It is in my book "Glorified Chicken Coops." My book can be purchased at, John decided to go out hunting in the woods by himself one cold fall day; he decided he didnít need the dogs because he wasnít going to be out too long. Since it was pretty cold, John put on his heavy beaver coat and his tall thick leather boots. Whenever he would go out hunting, he would always take his long rifle with plenty of his homemade bullets, plenty of gun powder, and his sharp Bowie knife for skinning whatever he killed. His Bowie knife was always kept in its pouch located on the outside of his right boot, which made it handy just in case he needed it fast. Well, on this particular cold sunny day as he was walking by a stream, putting his rifle down he walked over to get a drink of water. All of a sudden a huge brown bear charged through the brush. Being that his rifle was too far away and the bear too close, all John could do was back up. As the bear came closer snarling and growling and waving angrily with his huge paw, he rose to his full height of eight feet. Turning to face the bear, John looked right into the huge gaping mouth full of huge teeth. John knew he was going to have to do something fast or that bear would have him torn apart in no time. Remembering that he had his thick beaver coat he started taking off his jacket. As John was taking off his jacket, he started walking backwards being careful not to trip, because if he tripped he knew heíd be a goner. Quickly looking behind him for a big tree, he headed for the tree while putting his jacket over his hand. When John reached the tree, he leaned back on it and raised his jacket over his head as high as he could covering his head with it. When the huge angry bear started biting, the bear thought he was biting and clawing John, when all the time it was the jacket the bear was attacking. John knew he had to do something quick because soon the bear would discover that he wasnít biting John. While John had the bear sidetracked attacking the jacket, he reached down and retrieved the Bowie knife from its pouch and quickly stuck it into the bearís lower gut. Pulling his razor sharp knife upward as fast and as hard as he could, he sawed in an upward motion cutting a deep long wound in the belly of the huge bear. Just as soon as the knife went into his belly, the bear roared in agony. And before John could pull the knife out, the bear had already turned and started to run away. As the bear turned, he started to run away on all fours but because of the huge gaping hole in his belly, the bear didnít get far. In one swift motion all of his guts fell out and became tangled around his feet, tripping him. As soon as the bear was down on the ground groveling trying to move his feet unsuccessfully, John ran over and grabbed his gun, which was already loaded, and shot the bear in the head. Falling to the ground from exhaustion and relief, John decided the next time he went hunting; he would sure take along at least one dog.

Owner/SourceTanya Cole Anderson
Linked toJohn Nathan Cole

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