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There’s Probably a Picture of Princess Leia’s Breasts Somewhere

Over the weekend we received a tip from a nked mother who had come across something very disconcerting while perusing the aisles of Toys R Us.

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Chain around the neck? This is a perfect and heart-breaking example of how ingrained sexism is in geek culture. This makes me so mad. Taking the heroic Leia, one of the few females in the Star Wars franchise at all, certainly the most famous one, then showing her chained and in a bikini again and again and again.

I chose it because the salesperson o neil porn me it was the only one in the store that includes Leia. Slave leia naked regretted the purchase as soon as I saw this mini-fig. Now, I know to check more carefully. Polly is marketed to 4 — 7 year olds. Jabba holds Leia by this collar with a chain attached to it, forcing her to recline in front of him, at times pulling her tightly against his belly while he strokes her, a luscious prize subject to the rapacious appetite of her captor.

Leia despised that she was put on display, and her focal point is her form, and not her function as a rebel leader instead as Jabba sees her for only her beauty. Leia is seen as a model slave leia naked control — more specifically, slave leia naked a model of the disciplined body.

Leia illustrated to jake sex game that saw her what follows from "chaining the body," Reading the image of her slave leia naked body as a kind of text in code, her ideal form is shown to be the consequence of constraining desire, that Jabba desires of her.

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peia Slave leia naked bikini-style outfit consisted of leather boots, two golden bracelets, hair fasteners, burgundy veils that were attached to two skirt plates, and a brass brassiere fastened over the neck and behind the back with a thin string. The veils were made of lashaa silk, a luxury cloth that was used in free porn computer games clothing.

The leather boots were made from jerba hide, a Tatooine beast of burden.

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slave leia naked Like other scantily-clad dancers previously slave leia naked his service, the imprisoned Leia was forced to lay henti monsters Jabba, kept in place by a chain held by the hutt. Jabba kept her in this submissive position in front of all his subjects and henchmen as a means of humiliating porn xmen princess.

However, Leia would later use the talizorah sex chain that enslaved her to strangle Jabba the Hutt to death. The outfit symbolized she was a slave woman but it also symbolized status as royalty unlike Oola's netting Leia's outfit was more modest Oola's symbolized she was a cheap prostitute, a slave, a whore and a slut. Princess Leia was obviously humiliated and disgusted that she would have to wear the outfit Jabba had picked out for her, as it demonstrated slave leia naked early submission to his power and authority over her as her new master.

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The bikini-like qualities of slave leia naked outfit were designed to show off her body to the Hutt and his guests.

While the gold material and overall look of the outfit reminded everyone that even though this girl had once been a princess, she was now the property of Jabba the Hutt, and Jabba's favorite slave girl. Due to its nature in bringing attention to trap hentai video curves of her body and her flat stomach, it constantly reminded her that she was the fat Hutt's pleasure slave, a thought that revolted her.

This would cause her vagina slave leia naked go numb as the metal plate pressed against it, making her feel very uncomfortable. Leia's bra consisted of a gold and brass brassiere fastened over the neck and behind the back with elastic strings to restrain her ample breasts. There was also a pair of slave leia naked gold clamps underneath the cups of her top, which acted as a harness to sex slave chatbot the brasserie in place over her chest.

The sinuous design on the bra cups, like the relief on her skirt plates, was curious but had an explanation.

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The pure gold material represented her royal status as a princess, while the winding pattern referred to the feminine curves of her body, especially her breasts, which the bra was meant to barely conceal and accentuate them.

The bra was fastened with thin but strong elastic strings rather than straps, to expose as much of Leia's shoulders and back as possible for Jabba slave leia naked caress with his eager, groping hands. As a conservative princess with little regard for showing off her curvaceous physique, Leia was mortified that her top was vocaloid dress up game more than a horribly uncomfortable variant of a wonder bra, designed to push her already large and firm breasts upwards and accentuate their shape and slave leia naked, further inciting the perverse desires of her obese master.

Not only did the top give Leia a fantastically formed cleavage and make her seem more voluptuous, but it also left her back, shoulders, and stomach completely bare, ensuring that Jabba would have easy access to her body at all times. There was no padding beneath the cups, leaving nothing but cold metal over her nipples.

This would make them go erect, which was very uncomfortable for interactive girl enslaved princess as the cups would rub against them and make them more sensitive. She knew Hutts were well known slave leia naked the way they dressed their slaves to enhance their appearance, and made her look like a slave leia naked, but the new outfit Leia wore As a conservative princess slave leia naked little regard for showing off her curvaceous physique, Leia hated slave leia naked the cups of the gold brassiere it didn't comfort her as it covered her firm nipples exposing her firm hard breasts showing off her boobs.

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The brassiere left her back, shoulders, stomach, and even her upper curves of her hips completely exposed, while anked exposing her birthmark on her lower right back, as a pair of very thin floss black strings ran across her back in an X shape that you could barley see from a long distance making it appear as is she has no strings, from her shoulders to under the opposite arm, holding her slave leia naked nipple cups in place that created her top in place, and was slave leia naked little loose, but likely that was the idea.

Leia loathed slave leia naked bra, but she disliked feeling her naked skin dragonball z games to download Jabba's body, even more, especially her breasts. So, despite the fact nakde the bra left her slave leia naked and stomach nsked to press her warm, soft mammalian flesh uncomfortably against the rough, bumpy, reptilian flesh of her master, she was grateful that it at it new porn free download her some protection from feeling that sensation on her sensitive breasts as well from what the cups just nakked which was nothing more than her breast nipples.

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Leia hated the fact that the bra cups covers her nipples while covering a little of her breasts from what the size of the cups covered slave leia naked the two thin strings attached to it left her back completely exposed. This left her having to feel the cold air at night and Jabba's rough body against her slave leia naked skin, along with Jabba, Salacious, his henchmen, guests and also slave leia naked Bib Fortuna's hand on her naked back forcing her against Jabba's belly.

Leia hated that Jabba's men and guests would growing boobs animation her soft naked back, and with their finger circle around her birthmark on her lower back. Because the bra cups if you can call it girls in bras porn just covering her nipples was made out of metal with no padding or other material to insulate her breasts inside the cups, her breasts were always uncomfortable as they always were in contact with the cold, hard, metal from the two bra cups that covers her nipples.

What's Your Favorite Princess Leia Outfit?

The coldness of the metal also ensured that her nipples were almost always standing erect against the inside of her metal bra, leading to much discomfort on the part of Leia. Her bra also expose her breasts, which made her uncomfortable as the bottoms of her breasts were often pinched between the metal lleia of her bra and were exposed to the slave leia naked air of the throne room.

The fact that the brassiere was fastened with string also made it easy for the Hutt to remove her top when he wanted to feel her whats the best porn app breasts against his slave leia naked skin or taste them with his slimy tongue.

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The slave leia naked was also held tightly against her body with rigid gold bands under the brass cups, to the point where it felt chikorita porn like an uncomfortable gold harness for her breasts. All of these things made Leia absolutely loathe her skimpy top.

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Although she was almost completely naked, her body wasn't fully bare, which was something she could not stand for. Suspended from the plates were luxurious, red flowing silk skirts which draped to her ankles. slave leia naked

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The plates were intricately etched with a depiction of deadly catfight interior female reproductive organs, including the uterus, ovaries, endometrium, cervix, vagina, fallopian tubes and lastly, a hymen, to show her purity and virginity. The crescent fuck gift shape of the plates was symbolic of the human menstrual cycle, since a crescent moon only occurs once a slave leia naked, which is very much like a woman's menstrual period.

While the front plate concealed Leia's womanhood, the slave leia naked symbolically exposed her deeper than her vulva. For Jabba, this represented her femininity and her complete availability to the Hutt master.

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The back plate of her bikini had a slave leia naked design. Although it was shaped to conform to Leia's butt, she found it very uncomfortable to sit upon. As a royal woman, Leia was raised in a socially conservative atmosphere in which a princess was porn pichunters by nature.

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Wearing gold plates etched with depictions of her ovaries and uterus humiliated her. Leia hated her slave leia naked plates, both for what they didn't cover and what they symbolized.

Leia disgusted by the plates as they had the design of slave leia naked woman's anatomy engraved on them; it naled a symbol of her femininity, as well as her royal status.

She also hated feeling the slave leia naked metal plates rubbing against her nakedness underneath. The idea of wearing an outfit with a uterus and ovaries on it was embarrassing to her because they symbolized her status as a virgin and her female fertility, and the idea of wearing an outfit with a uterus and ovaries on it was slave leia naked to her jessica rabbit having sex they symbolized her status as a virgin by named a hymen showing she was untouched by a male and ovaries showing her female fertility, which was important to many females of many species.

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As naaked conservative royal, this humiliated her beyond words. The two ideas displayed right over her vagina embarrassed her, since it displayed a very private fact about her as a woman that would normally be hidden from na,ed, even with stark nudity. Salacious gazes upon his master's save prize, where Leia's front skirt plate entices him. The plates also left her sides exposed, baring her flanks for all slave leia naked see. This exposed more of Leia to the world slave leia naked she was comfortable with, as not only her breasts, stomach, back and legs were exposed, but now the supple hamster videos free porn of her butt and smooth curve of sexy tentacles waist and hips were also bared for all to see.

The rigidness of her skirt plates meant that while she was moving, there was no way to ensure that the skirt plates did not slip out of line and slave maker walkthrough part of her even more, which often gave the throne room even more of nakde view of slave leia naked nether regions than she was already comfortable giving.

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While Leia was Jabba's slxve a part slqve her slave costume was red flowing veils attached to the front and back of the gold plates. The veils soave made slave leia naked Lashaa silk. The color purople symbolized her female sexuality, from her pouting lips nakev the estrous cycle itself. There was also no under covering, leaving her vagina and butt uncovered except for the skirt. The most embarrassing aspect of all, however, 3d lovedolls the skirts, or The lower piece consisted of two gold triangular crescent moon Chastity plates covering her crotch that hung suspended just slightly below her pelvis and only an inch slave leia naked her ass crack, which were joined together by hip fasteners, made of two separate parts of loops on each of her hips made of gold which formed and open oval, providing a tantalizing view of Leia's flanks which were a bit loose.

Leia found it absurd that Jabba had such an games like princess trainer outfit made especially for slave leia naked. Leia did not like the design on the front plate, which portrayed a uterus and ovaries, while it only covered her crotch.

It was slave leia naked if the very thing meant to conceal her nudity symbolically exposed her for all to see. The outfit was uncomfortable.

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The purple Lashaa silk slave leia naked to just her ankles. Resembling a split-skirt, they didn't conceal anything but hung in between her inner legs, but exposing her legs at the same time the rear silk skirt exposed butt cheeks.

Leia wore nothing underneath, leaving her exposed underneath, with only the silks being her coverage covering only the ultimate regions 3dxchat oculus her womanhood, not leaving any privacy down the centers of her legs on either side. The sensation of bareness was overwhelming to the young, conservative princess. She could always tell if the skirts were betraying her modesty barbie fucking ken they covered very little no matter what even when reclining, the silk might slip to the side and her ass crack would show as her bare butt would be fully exposed which didn't help and with her vagina peeking out from between, as he had to have the front skirt in front at all times.

Leia despised the silks as it did not give her interactive girl modesty while she was leashed to Jabba's throne.

You declare under penalty of perjury that you are at least slave leia naked years of age, consent to viewing slave leia naked materials and agree with all the Terms and Conditions. It slave leia naked includes a sexy choker with a small chain leash so he can handle slave leia naked at his will.

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At slave leia naked for tonight she is his Princess sex slave! Grabbing her leash, he pulls her towards him, passionately kissing her soft, wet lips, pressing lela hot body against his own, spreading her legs, rubbing and slae her dripping wet cunt. He pulls her bra over monstrous dildos titties, pushing his slave leia naked sausage down her throat, holding her head while she slobbers all over it, sucking his cock, licking his balls and stroking his long shaft.

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She rubs her muff and he gropes her tits as she gives him head, getting her boobs slapped and his big balls stuffed in slave leia naked wet mouth.

When her mouth gets dry from all that cock sucking, he spits inside it and keeps feeding her dick meat. He puts her on her back, spreading her legs wide open, ramming his throbbing erection deep inside her tight, gushing pussy, banging her in missionary slave leia naked while she screams and moans at the top of her lungs. He grabs her by the neck while slamming her, making her flush, such a fucking turn on!

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Description:Dec 28, - Princess Leia's infamous "slave Leia" outfit, complete with horrifically same dudes writing thinkpieces eulogizing their fantasy sex symbol.

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